Haptic feedback

Create haptic feedback.

Haptic feedback

I would like to create some Haptic Feedback when you interact with a slider, or something like that. My MacBook's trackpad can give this feedback. Phones can also give this feedback. Let's see if we can use that 😁.

Experiment 1 - Haptic feedback on load

This isn't possible, the user needs to interact with the page first. Makes sense!

Experiment 2 - Haptic feedback on click

This doesn't work, also not on a mobile phone. I don't get any error's though.

Experiment 3 - Haptic feedback with a WebApp

Maybe, it only works within a WebApp (progressive web app). It would make sense, a WebApp is more "App-like" then a regular website. And the user needs to specifically download it before you can use it.
That way, the user isn't going bonkers from Haptic Feedback from every website they visit. You could go nuts with this as a Developer.
Let's give it a go


It's not a Progressive Web App feature, it's simply not supported on iOS and OSX. Therefore, I cannot test this feature myself.