Tour the france stage

A outline of the Tour the France. Made with CSS. The cyclist is moved with CSS scroll-timeline.


  • ❌ Can you store a SCSS List in a CSS variable -> Yes
    • But you cannot use it as a SCSS list, not revert it from a CSS variable to SCSS list
  • ✅ Can you use 1 path for both the outline of the mountains and the cyclists path
    • For the runner's path: offset-path: polygon(var(--stage-path))
    • For the mountains outline: clip-path: polygon(var(--stage-path)) (this needs 2 additional points)

Tour the France 2021, stage 21 (Oyonnax - Le Grand-Bornand)

  • 15km
  • 30km
  • 45km
  • 60km
  • 75km
  • 90km
  • 105km
  • 120km
  • 135km
  • 150km